VBS – Vacation Bible School VBS – Vacation Bible School

VBS – Vacation Bible School

VBS is coming!!!

July 9 - 13, 2017 ~ 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

This VBS is open for potty-trained three-year-olds to adults! (Nursery will be provided only for children whose parent or guardian attends the Adult VBS Class or work as a volunteer.)

We need volunteers and would love to hear from anyone interested in volunteering at this year's VBS. All volunteers must have a background check. If you have not already had a background check at Belmont, please register as a volunteer early to give us time to have one done.

Register to Volunteer or Participate in VBS


If you are registering more than one child be sure to set the number to the total number of children, before hitting the checkout button.  This will allow you to reuse some of the info entered for each child from the first child entered.

Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to help supply some of the items it takes to make VBS possible, you can use our Amazon wish list.  Just click here and then use the Add to Cart button to add one of the items to your cart, and check out as normal.  The items will ship to you, and you can bring them to church, or you can ship directly to the church, but please let the church office know ahead of time, when the package(s) should arrive.

Ages: 3 year old's through 12th grade and an adult class!

Lifeway's Galactic Starveyors

This summer, we will take off into Galactic Starveyors VBS —an exploration of discovery they’ll never forget! Based on five key bible verses that will change a child’s life.  Because Galactic Starveyors transports minds into the outer reaches of the galaxy, while you are with us, you’ll search the visible and discover the invisible.

Five Bible verses, five biblical truths, five days of discovery and an experience that can last a lifetime:  Lifeway's Galactic Starveyors will bring your kids closer to Jesus, every day. This year's vacation bible school will begin on Sunday night, and end on Thursday with a parent's night on the following Sunday.  Sunday night through Thursday night will be regular classes, and at the family night on the following Sunday, the children will get to share what they have learned.

Additionally, we will continue to have an adult class, and just like the kids, members and visitors alike are invited to attend and there is no cost.  So bring your kids and stay for a lesson

and a time to fellowship with other adults in their walk.


Day 1 Story and Biblical Truth:

Galactic Starveyors VBS Day 1 - The Relationship Begins

Galactic Starveyors Day 1


The Relationship Began

-Genesis 1:1-2,26-31; John 1:1,14

The God who created everything wants a relationship with us.



Day 2 Story and Biblical Truth:

Galactic Starveyors VBS Day 2-The Relationship Broken

Galactic Starveyors Day 2


The Relationship Broken

-Genesis 3

Sin messed everything up, but God is still in control.



Day 3 Story and Biblical Truth:

Galactic Starveyors VBS Day 3 - The Restoration Promised

Galactic Starveyors Day 3


The Restoration Promised

-Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-24; Luke 2:22-38

God sent His Son, Jesus, to be the Savior of the world.



Day 4 Story and Biblical Truth:

Galactic Starveyors VBS Day 4 - The Relationship Restored

Galactic Starveyors Day 4


The Relationship Restored

-Mark 15:22–16:7

Jesus gave His life to be my Savior.



Day 5 Story and Biblical Truth:

Galactic Starveyors VBS Day 5 - The Relationship Continues

Galactic Starveyors Day 5


The Restoration Restored

-Mark 10:13-16

Jesus loves and accepts me.



VBS Galactic Starveyors